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Battery Photos

Submitted By:

            Gerald Trimble (Ned Trimble - B Battery)

1 Induction edited_edited-1.png

Ned Trimble 


Oct. 12, 1943

3 Furlough edited.png

? & Ned Trimble

9 German Mine Field 4.5 gun.png

4.5" Gun 

9 German Mine Field delux dugout.png
11 The Piano Roll kitchen truck .png

The Kitchen

5 Repl. Depot No 9 Latrine edited .png

Replacement Depot #9

Fontainbleau, France

5 Repl. Depot No 9 Minstrel Show Chorus

Replacement Depot #9

Fontainbleau, France

Minstrel Show Chorus

5 Repl. Depot No 9 Ned Trimble & Bob Pri

Replacement Depot #9

Fontainbleau, France

Ned Trimble & Bob Prittie

7 Arrive in Belgium Edited.png
9 German Mine Field 4.5 gun II.png

4.5" Gun  "A Couple Guys at the             Breech of the Piece"

9 German Mine Field Edited.png

German Mine Field

9 German Mine Field Dugouts at the Batte

Dug Outs at the Battery

11 The Piano Roll An M.U. man .png

Lt. Chas. Ross

11 The Piano Roll Mess Sgt & Boys.png

The Mess Sgt. & Boys In Front

of the Battery Christmas Tree

15 A German Gun Old Man.png

Capt. Lance Hill

9 German Mine Field at home.png

Unk. Wire Man and Ned Trimble

      Geilenkirchen, Germany

11 The Piano Roll I .png

Ned Trimble & ?

15 A German Gun TD.png

A Knocked out German

       Tank Destroyer

15 A German Gun solid piece.png
15 A German Gun 1.png

A German Gun That was Believed to Have Fired on the Batteries Gun Position in Geilenkirchen

The War Ends May 8, 1945 - Back to Dutch German Boarder

Rath Germany - First Night Out Of Combat

18a The War Ends May 8, 1945 Henry.png

Elmer Henry & Ned Trimble

18a The War Ends May 8, 1945 Rath.png
18a The War Ends May 8, 1945 Reed - Henr
18a The War Ends May 8, 1945 unk.png

Ned Trimble, Jack Reed

       & Elmer Henry

Kaldenkirchen, Germany

23 At Kaldenkirchen 2GIs .png
23 At Kaldenkirchen Bold Buckeye .png
23 At Kaldenkirchen2 GIs .png

Venlo, Holland

24 Van Kleefs Anny & Nelly.png

Anny Van Kleef, Ned Trimble, ?, Nelly Kerkhofs

24 Van Kleefs Home.png
Jack Reed - Harold Armstrong- Zippy Rich

Jack Reed, Harold Armstrong, Zippy Richardson                             & Ned Trimble

Van Kleef's Home

27 Pinning a Rose 1 .png
27a Pinning a Rose comment.png

LeHavre, France

28 To LeHavre cafe.png
29 A Jam Band group.png

The Jam Band

Arriving at Camp Philip Morris

            June 25, 1945

Paris, France

32 Paris - 3 - pg32 group.png

Liege, Belgium

33 Liege Hil side.png
34 Liege 2 A rough bunch.png
35.Guards Truck.png

In Front Of Our House

34 Liege 2 Ned & .png

Going Home On The Wooster Victory 19 February, 1946

47 Wooster Victory.png
49 3 soldiers.png
49.troops on board.png
49 in NY.png
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