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Battle for


     Battle in Meijel

(computer translated)

Battle for the Canals

   Transcribed by

  Wesley Johnston

Defence of a Canal by

William W Rawlings Jr.

   Battle of Tipsrath

 "Operation Clipper"

  Action at Asten

25th FD Regt., RA

Battle notes 27 Oct. - 5 Nov 

by Lt. Robert E Merriam



* Conquer - The Story of the Ninth Army 1944-1945

* The Forgotten Battle by A Korthals Altes and N.K.C.A. in't Veld

* Battle of Canals, Operation of 7th Armored Division by W.Wesley Johnston

* Operation Aintree The Battle For Overloon & Venray by Antal Giesbers - Herman Dinnissen

* The Margraten Boys by Peter Schrijvers

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